Q: How do I become a patient at your clinic?

A: If you currently live in Nanaimo (South of Yellowpoint Road and North of Nanoose) and do not currently have a primary care provider (nurse practitioner or family physician) you are eligible to become a patient at our clinic. PLEASE NOTE: Our application process is currently paused.  See home page for details.


Q: What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A: A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced university education who provides personalized, quality health care to patients and families.  NPs can diagnose and treat most conditions experienced across the lifespan, which includes ordering diagnostic tests and making referrals to other health care providers or programs. Grounded in nursing, we work with you not only on treatment but also to prevent illness or chronic diseases.  Depending on the health status of the patient, we work independently or in partnership with other health care professionals such as registered nurses, physicians, social workers, midwives, mental health professionals and pharmacists to keep you, your family and your community well.


Q: What is team based care?

A:  Team based care means that when you are attached to a clinic, a team of different practitioners will work together and with you to provide the best possible care to meet your needs. At Nexus, the team consists of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, mental health workers and one physician. Each of those professionals has unique skills, but some of their skills also overlap. We will make every effort when you have a concern to match you with the best person to help.


Q: Will I have to see everyone on the team?

A: No, generally patients will form a relationship with one provider. We know that having a primary care provider who knows you well means that you will have better long term health. But not all providers have the skills or experience to be all things to all people, so they will call upon other members of the team for assistance when needed. Additionally, if your usual provider is busy or away and you have an urgent concern, another team member will step forward to help you.


Q: Are you a walk in clinic?

A: No, we are not a walk in clinic. If you are a registered patient and have an urgent concern, please call the clinic in the morning and we will make every effort to schedule you to be seen. Our goal is to see you when you need to be seen.


Q: Am I limited to one problem per visit?

A: Generally we do not limit the number of issues per visit and make an effort to provide as much assistance as we can to prevent you from having to return more than necessary. But some people do have complex social and/or medical needs that deserve more time than we can give in one visit. In that case, we will discuss with you which problems you feel are most urgent, and ask you to return for additional visits if needed.


Q: Do I have to come in to be seen or do you offer virtual visits?

A: We do offer visits over the phone and on other virtual platforms.


Q: I live outside of Nanaimo. Why can’t I be attached to your clinic?

A: The Ministry of Health has been working hard to establish new or enhanced primary care clinics all over BC. Nexus is located in an area where there are large numbers of people who do not have a primary care provider, so this clinic was formed to serve that specific area. For clinics opening in your area please contact the Division of Family Practice or visit them online at divisionsbc.ca